There Are No Limits

I have lived with roommates for my most of my entire adult life until mid 2018. It’s just 2019 and 6 months ago I moved into my first home as an owner.

It’s been a profound gift that has transformed my life in so many ways.

There are no shortage of challenges and responsibilities to shoulder and face with ownership and while I can feel overwhelmed by them at times I also love the responsibility of caring for my home. And, as caring for a child or any relationship it requires constant tending to.

There are the endless things that stop working and need fixing; yes, but there is also the space design. And this I love thinking about. What colors go where? What art? How does this plant look here? Where can I keep these things?

I am sensitive to everything; particularly my surroundings. I spend endless amounts of time placing things in my home and tinkering with the placement. Wherever my eyes wander or land I want them to be soothed and filled and fed with colors, textures, humor, light, comfort, joy. Every single thing evokes a distinct sensation.

One of the greatest gifts of my work is seeing other people’s spaces and learning about them through their things; all of their things.

Nothing is stagnant in this life. Every second is one we have never experienced before.  As we grow and change and our lives do, so too our living spaces should change to support us wherever we may be along this journey. The way we order our spaces should ideally breathe and grow and change with us.

It is a bold move to ask for help in organizing your home. It is also a great thing to do. I am an organizer and I am always desiring an extra pair of creative eyes on my space because the collaboration is fulfilling, stimulating. The suggestions and impressions of others offers so many validations and “aha!” moments. We are here to connect, communicate, grow, evolve and create. We all have innate gifts and experience to bring to the table. Why not share them?

What happens in the space of a few hours with a client is very sacred. I am offered an opportunity to walk into their private spaces.  This inherently brings up endless emotional responses, some on the surface; some buried deep down.

I see spaces one’s therapist never sees. I am essentially walking into the physical manifestations of another’s interior world.

Almost every person’s home I walk into apologizes for how it looks as soon as I arrive. This is a knee jerk response to feeling so exposed. What I want everyone to know is that I have come to help. This is a puzzle and a gift and an opportunity to relieve you of a burden; to put wd-40 on a stuck place. Thank you for showing me a part of you that is stuck. It’s truly a sacred offering.

There is no roadmap here by the way. There is a process yes; but each project is unique. There is no other you.  It’s the genius of what we two minds and spirits can collaboratively create. This is where the magic happens. And it does happen, every time.

It’s exciting. The beginning can feel completely dark and confusing. With time, care, humor and focus, there are no limits to the transformation. And this transformation ripples out into everything.

I offer my hand.

I wish for everyone: Deep health and Peace and the opportunity to laugh as much as humanly possible.

lily weitzman