Room to Breathe Owner, Emily Cherin

Room to Breathe
Owner, Emily Cherin


About Me

Hello and welcome. I hope this page helps you better understand who I am and what I bring to every project I take on, every client with whom I work. Please read on….

I am a highly intuitive and creative person, interested in unique and outside-the-box perspectives particularly when it comes to art and design. Innately sensitive to my surroundings, I am inspired by language, humor, design, textiles, fashion and art. 

Theater, art and sports dominated my childhood in Montclair New Jersey, just a 30-minute ride from Manhattan. Later, I spent much of my 20’s living, working and studying in France, Israel and West Africa.

My education includes a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies from San Francisco State University, and a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. My long and varied career includes but is not limited to teaching Women’s Studies at the University of New Hampshire, producing and hosting two radio shows, acting in a children’s theater company as well as an improv comedy troupe and public relations for Whole Foods. 

One might say that I am genetically predisposed to a career in Organizing; my mother is profoundly organized and my aunt was a professional organizer. (At 89 Aunt Ellen continues to help long-time clients think through the use of their physical surroundings.)  “Organized” all of my life, I find that I am most at peace when systematizing, arranging, classifying, categorizing, or cleaning out my own and others’ spaces. It is meditative, centering and restorative. 

Helping others to transform their surroundings brings me deep satisfaction. In a relatively short period of time I can lift a great burden, refashion a space from unbearable to something wonderful, and restore a sense of balance, comfort and peace.  It is endlessly gratifying and truly a gift for me.  

Thank you for taking the time to get to know a little about me and my work. I look forward to helping you with all of your organizational needs.