Emily has been a game changer in my life. We have worked together not only in organizing my living space but creating a system in my life to manage the busyness and errands of daily living. She is honest, professional, responsive, experienced, and extremely capable. She also deeply cares for her clients and understands that the value she brings goes deeper than just creating more organized spaces for people. She takes great pride in getting a job done well. I could not recommend her with greater enthusiasm.
— Fong, Boston, Ma
I have been so stuck dealing with my basement - Em came today and helped me rid myself of an enormous amount of stuff that I just couldn’t let go of on my own. She helped me to walk through the process and got me organized to where I have a handle on the remaining parts - Em had a great attitude and focus and obvious expertise - I am moving forward now! Her visit was a birthday present to myself.
— Patti, Portsmouth, NH

I hired Emily for her wonderful personality. She got me out of a very “stuck” place with some office paperwork I was DREADING. It was too much for me to get done while trying to deal with everything going on in my very busy business. Emily is really fun to work with and she’s excellent at suggesting ways to handle your “stuff” as you go along. She very intuitive and responds thoughtfully to how her client reacts to her suggestions. My biggest concern in hiring her was the feeling that I had to “clean up” before she got here. I was wrong. She is so non-judgmental. I did not feel ashamed or embarrassed in the least. I now use Emily for maintenance as her regular visits keep me from falling behind without having to guilt myself into staying on top of the organizing myself.
— Andrea Wasik, Oscar's Moving Company, Newton

Emily is the perfect mix of laser focused strategy and kind soul. If you need to organize anything, indoors, outdoors, contact her. As someone who has a lot of “stuff”, i always feel better when it is more sensibly organized and accessible - i can find what i need when i need it.
— Christie

Emily is a wonderful young woman who has been helping me weekly for several years. She makes my life much easier to manage. I am aging and have memory challenges. Emily is patient, kind and considerate. She is honest, trustworthy, so capable and takes great pride in her work. She helps with organizing and cleaning out my closets and kitchen cabinets. She’s created a clear and simple filing system for managing my papers and helps me sort through my mail and pay my bills. I trust and value her work and advice. I am so grateful to her.
— Sheila

Emily is amazing! She has really helped me transform my home, one zone at a time. Our sessions are incredibly productive and the result in my life really has been a move from clutter to clarity. Emily meets you where you are and is excited to see things improve along with you.
— Jane

Emily was terrific! She helped me organize my home office/studio space. She is very easy to be with, which is really important when you’re going through all your stuff, trying to figure out what to keep and where it should go. I have referred her to my mother and she just loves her. Thank you Emily!
— Lori

You seriously have saved my sanity and home. I can’t tell you how happy and proud our daughter has been of her new space and how my husband is bewildered at our new adult space!
— Aimee

Emily was a life savor for me. We moved into our new place this past weekend and my kitchen was cluttered with unpacked boxes. Emily did a wonderful job unpacking everything and organizing into my cabinets. Will definitely hire again when I need to setup other rooms. Highly recommended.
— Sara

Emily was an absolute delight to work with! She turned my mess of a closet into a
blissfully-organized space. She was friendly, professional, on-time, and offered a ton of great suggestions. Highly recommended!
— Sasha

Emily was all that I could have wished for...and so much more. Starting with being right on time, she plunged into the onerous task I had set for us and had it in hand. What a relief. Knew what to do, did it and moved on to the next thing. Tremendous
energy. Beyond pleasant. A treat to work with.
— Eileen

Emily showed me how to set up my first YouTube channel, and helped me get started. She also did a great job on organization tasks, including closet help, and took away stuff for Good Will. She independently sorted a huge file drawer of old receipts, a messy bookshelf, and more. She is hard-working, sweet-natured, and a pleasure to have around.
— Elizabeth

Emily has been wonderful. She helped reorganize my office space so that it is now clean and uncluttered. Much easier to find what I am looking for. I also meet with her every week or so to get my calendar organized - scheduling my jobs, sales calls, material purchases (handyman business.) She is so easy to work with, and has had me become much more productive.
— Jeff