Services Offered

How It Works 

Free Initial Consultation (20 minutes)

Organizing is a collaborative process so it is important for both of us to feel that we are a good fit. I will ask questions, listen carefully and answer any questions you may have. Feeling overwhelmed? Do not worry! This is my forte. I will help you to feel safe and comfortable. This work is about you and your peace of mind. 

Phase 1: Assessment 

The next step is a three-hour assessment and decluttering session. During this visit, I will see the project in its entirety. We discuss your goals, budget and time parameters, then together create an on-site game plan and begin the process of purging and sorting. 

It’s important for you to be present for this first visit so I can get a full understanding of your priorities, see how much you would like to participate in the process and together, determine our next steps.  Please know that I am deeply sensitive to the fact that I am walking into your physical, personal and emotional space and all that this entails. 

Phase 2: Decluttering

Keep. Donate. Discard. During the decluttering phase, we determine what to keep, what to throw away and what to donate. If there are items you would like to donate, I am happy to bring up to 25 pounds to local centers. I have numerous resources for removing larger quantities and selling items as desired. 

Phase 3: Organizing 

With decluttering complete, the organizing can begin! Tailored to the way you live and work, we’ll discuss the best-suited systems and tools to organize your space. Purchases of recommended organizing systems are generally made by my clients. Then, I return to set up, making sure you can easily find your possessions and maintain the neat and orderly space we have created.

Phase 4: Breathe

Need I say more?

Each situation is unique, however, 3-4 hour projects are quite common. 

Ongoing Maintenance

You may feel that monthly or quarterly maintenance would be helpful to preserve your newly organized space. Or you may find it helpful to dig a little deeper into decluttering and organizing. I look forward to supporting you in this ever-evolving process.

Larger Organizing Projects

Based upon the scope of the project and your specific needs and objectives, I will happily provide an individual estimate for larger projects.  Once approved, 50% will be due prior to start of project, 25% midway, with remainder due upon project completion.


Please contact me for pricing.